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Deadly Dinosaur Hunter Shooting FPS game

Buy now FPS Dinosaur killing adventure game. This game is a starter game and got six levels with different difficulty levels. You need to kill all genres of Dino from jungle to win the battle. You can also cross promote your other apps in this game via replacing the icon placed on main menu.

Price is also very reasonable and could help you make a great fortune from it. Dinosaur is a crazy dangerous and wild animal you can survive in the era of dinosaur apocalypse only if you can survive in wild. Become hunting champion and win the war against dinosaur and monsters.

These are the last days of survival apocalypse on earth. Sniper shooters are most deadly in an incredible and huge forest, where your mission is to stay alive and kill as many dinosaur as you can. Dinosaur era has come. Dinosaurs among us. Sniper Hunter Champion: Dinosaur Shooting is a Dinosaur game. These reptiles and their animations are as real. Become an ultimate heroic dinosaur hunter, strike the dinosaurs, catch your prey! This is a war between dinosaur and the survival humans.
Hunt and look at the photo-realistic dinosaurs, from small to giant, from herbivores to carnivores, in this fabulous simulation.

Based on Unity 2019.3.9f1
Smooth Game Play
Good high quality graphics
Different Sniper Guns
Dinosaur Hunter of Deadly Shores as FPS shooter in a Survival Game.
Become best Dinosaur Hunter in 2019 playing this Dinosaur Game.
Deadly Dinosaur is an Animal Hunting game.
Become Dino Killer and survive Dinosaurs Attack.
Dino Hunt is a Sniper Games in 2019.
Hunt Safari Dinosaur and complete Hunter Challenge in different levels.
Hunt Carnivore Dinosaur in Jungle like Animal Hunting Games.