Deadly Counter Shooter

Download Deadly Counter Shooter Source Code Free Unity


You are on a special mission on a Helicopter to perform counter-attacks on terrorists. Choose out of 3 weapons: Gun turret, Bazooka and Grenades. Use them to eradicate your enemy. in some missions, you will need to take down enemy helicopters.

3 cool weapons of choice

The game is pure fun with 3 different environments: Navy, Highway and Train. Each offering 18 missions to play. Collect coins for each successful mission to unlock your next weapon of choice.

Now Download Deadly Counter Shooter Source Code Free Unity

Be quick to take down your enemies before they take you out!

Deadly Counter Shooter Features

  • 3 different awesome mission types: Navy, Highway and Train.
  • 3 awesome weapons – gunner post, bazooka and Frag grenades.
  • 54 missions to play from.
  • coins are gained throughout the game to unlock weapons.
  • amazing sound effects that create a cool gameplay feeling.
  • enemy soldiers.
  • Chartboost & Admob
  • Runs perfectly on Unity 4.6
  • Ready for Android & iOS

How To Reskin

This source code comes with a complete video walkthrough of all the relevant components for Reskin and ad ID’s change.

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