You are currently viewing Databrain – Ultimate game data framework { BETA }

Databrain – Ultimate game data framework { BETA }

Databrain is the ultimate object-based data management system! It offers features such as import, categorization, runtime saving & customizable data GUI. Take control of your data like never before!

Databrain is a powerful tool for managing object-based game data. It allows you to create custom data objects, import data from CSV or Google sheets, and to utilize the Unity UIToolkit or field attributes to build visually appealing inspectors for your data. It also allows you to categorize data using namespaces or derived classes.

You can also expand Databrain with our available add-ons to truly make it the Swiss Army knife of your data management needs.

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{ BETA }

During the beta stage, the package is approximately -30% off its final price.

⭐️ Professional editor

The editor is designed for professional use and offers a scriptable object workflow, allowing for easy assignment and access in both the Unity inspector and scripts. Additionally, a range of customizable field attributes allows you to fine-tune data displays to your liking and even create your own custom GUI using the UIToolkit.

Thanks to the dropdown attribute, you can easily assign your data object to your custom script from the inspector.

⭐️ Save&Load