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Databox – Data editor & save solution

Download Databox – Data editor & save solution FREE Unity. 

Every game relies on data. That’s why we made Databox. A simple yet powerful data editor which allows you to manage and save all your data at one place. Use Databox for your game data, save games, game configurations, profiles, localisation…


✔ Intuitive data editor – Manage all your data in one place
✔ Scriptable object workflow
✔ Runtime editor – Edit your data directly in your builds
✔ Read and save data at runtime
✔ NEW Load and Save asynchronously
✔ Supports all common Unity types + custom classes
✔ Import from GOOGLE spreadsheet or local CSV file
✔ Cloud sync – sync data to your MySQL webserver
✔ XOR Encryption
✔ Static keys generator for accessing tables, entries and values (instead of strings)
✔ Demo scenes included
✔ PlayMaker support
✔ FlowReactor support
✔ Powered by FullSerializer and OdinSerializer

Runtime editor
Balancing a game can be quite a hard task. That’s why Databox has an easy to use runtime editor. It allows you to view and modify all of your data in your runtime build in a similar way to the editor in Unity. This is a great way to modify values while play-testing your game and do some quick value testings.