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Data Bind for Unity

Download Data Bind for Unity Free Unity. 

It’s always a good idea to separate your game logic and its presentation. So why not use a well-tested and clean approach to make the connection of the two for you?

Data Bind for Unity offers you a well thought through architecture which keeps your UI clean from your logic and the other way around. This goes so far that you won’t need any line of code to visualize your data in the UI in most cases.

We already used this architecture in our own projects, so we are sure it works. The current version is a full functional version, which will be gradually extended depending on user feedback and our own extensions within our projects. The price will raise, too, so buying now will get you the future extensions for free!

Have a look at the online documentation and API to see if the plugin could help you.

Key features:

– Exchange your complete UI without touching any logic. You want to try Unity UI instead of your current NGUI-based UI? No problem.

– No additional UI code necessary to visualize your data.