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Dark VS Light

Where there is light, there is always darkness, Welcome to Dark vs Light! You will fight with your minions and rule the land from the arena for demons, Hell to the home of the gods, Asgard. Fight your way to victory! Play and fight against other warriors who will fight for your soul and steal them and become more Powerful!

Be careful of your surroundings because there can be multiple enemies at a time to take you on! Collect souls to become more powerful and defeat them! Use your awesome boosts to help you in troublesome situations! Buy new and more weapons as you fight your way through the arenas. What side will you take? Can you defeat them all?

– Fun Gameplay
– Awesome Power-ups
– Lots of powerful weapons
– Cool skins!
– Lots of environment
+Many more exciting things to come

The game is absolutely free to play! So what are you waiting for! Download the game right now.
The game was made in the UNITY version up to 2019.3.9. You can easily make the game multi-platform.
⚠️ The game has 30 minutes of unique gameplay
⚠️ NO ads – you can add them yourself
⚠️ NO in-apps
⚠️ There are several issues in UX-UI

WARNING: To prevent an unpleasant experience, please contact the Author by leaving your questions in the COMMENTS section before purchasing.

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