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Dark City2 – Cyberpunk Pack

Download Dark City2 – Cyberpunk Pack FREE Unity. 

Dark City 2 is a project inspired by a near-future vision of a cybernetic world. Main features of the package are:

– 8 various sets of modular building elements (walls, windows, roofs, doors, pipes, vents, scaffoldings, stairs, platforms, neons, screens, etc.)
– Over (550) prefabs of different street props to detail your city (roads, sidewalks, lamps, barriers, signs, garbage and more)
– High-res textures (4096 and 2048)
– custom PBR shaders
– animated materials, e.g. billboards, rain effect
– low-poly background structures
– LoD’s for all assets
– image effects and particles adapted to the example scene
– demo levels for presentation and testing

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  1. Luca

    There is no part 3 bro, please fix it. thanks

  2. jay

    part 3 download says part 2 and won’t let me extract it;

    1. mdazhar007

      We already resolved this issue. Part 3 is part 3 now. We checked it all. Thank you

  3. nikhil

    can anyone tell me how the process is, while unzipping its say you have to start from the first volume, and first volume is having an iso file and in that iso file there is a folder called install, and inside it there is a uninstall exe file………so what should i do ……so that it will work…….thanks.

    1. Unityassets4free

      Hey nikhil thank you for the query. you might have downloaded the wrong file. the extension is always gonna be rar/zip not exe right? check the size of the volume one. You can do one thing, we tested it a lot of time… download on one zip file. extract it! then import it in unity. It will work. if now then let us know. Thank you!

  4. nikhil

    yeah, it works now. I think I have downloaded the wrong file.
    thanks and appreciate the work you guys are doing. 🙂

  5. taskurisnori

    thank you! Worked.

    1. Unityassets4free

      You are most welcome…

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