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Customizable Boss – FPS Microgame Add-Ons

Download Customizable Boss – FPS Microgame Add-Ons FREE Unity. 

This package is not currently supported in Unity 2019.x. We will be updating it in the coming months to add 2019.x compatibility.

With over 80 different configurations available, this customizable boss robot enemy will make your FPS Microgame stand out from the crowd and make your game more fun to play. Once you’ve purchased your customizable boss, follow these step-by-step instructions to start building your boss robot.

This package was designed to be compatible with the FPS Microgame. Microgames are small, fully functional games that are designed to help you get started with Unity in a fun and interactive way. By following the simple In-Editor Tutorials that come with the project, you’ll personalize and share your customized, playable game on the web in as little as 30 minutes. Complete the Creative Mods to keep modifying your game to make it more your own, all while learning the basics of Unity.

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