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Curvy Splines

The ultimate spline solution!

Work with splines in Unity the means it’s meant to be! Curvy is battle-proven and provides a top-notch UI to induce your work done, fast!

* State of the art spline piece of writing (Linear, Bezier, Catmull, TCB)
* Full management over curve orientation
* Node-based Content Generator for extrusion mesh generation, object placement and additional
* Ready-made controllers for interaction with spline curves, paths, extrusions. nice for camera animation, player movement, you name it!
* Designed for speed through the use of an extremely optimized caching system, threading and object pooling
* Playmaker custom actions
* Full C# supply, well-formatted & IntelliSense documented
* extremely customizable & extendable: full-fledged API (Runtime & Editor)