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Curved World

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Curved World proposes impressions or impacts known as

• Horizon twisting or bending

• Exaggerated skyline bend pr horizon curve

• Spherical world

• Cylindrical roll-off

• Little planet

• Cylindrical Tower

This asset does not contain Image Effect. It’s basic, however extremely ground-breaking per work material shader impact.

Its shape implies – objects rendering as being twisted distinctly inside camera see, while their reality space parameters: position, turn, scale is not changed or altered. Due to this Curved World doesn’t upset any of game components like material science, activity, AI, wayfinding and other work changes.

The Asset is exceptionally enhanced for mobiles and contains Unlit, One Directional Light and Matcap shaders.

This package offers shaders for very good quality gadgets with Standard, Legacy, Unity Terrain and Nature, Water, DX11 Tessellation shaders.

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