Curved UI – Free Download

Download Curved UI Free Unity

The only true curved interface system on the asset store. Tested by thousands of developers. Made for Unity Canvas. Supports TextMeshPro.

10-seconds setup – just add a script to your canvas and choose how you want to interact with it.
✔ Mouse
✔ World space Mouse
✔ Gaze
✔ Vive Controllers
✔ Oculus Touch
✔ GearVR Controller
✔ Daydream Controller

An all-in-one VR interface package designed for the new Unity GUI system. Bends the canvas in world space, allowing the player to view and interact with it from any angle. Create intricate designs, while still using the same Unity canvas workflow you’re used to!

Enrich your VR project with UI that will fully immerse your players. Get that Minority Report feels with curved, interactive screens.

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