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Cursed Kingdoms – Boss Pack

The Cursed Kingdom expands with the BOSS pack… herein are seven dark fantasy beasts for your heroes to battle in your isometric(or popular virtual tabletop systems), sideview game(such as RPGmaker MV), or VN game!

Check out the whole Cursed Kingdoms set here: Demonic Berserker, Enslaver Headhunter, Lich-touched Undead, Osidian Lich Lord, Sea Terror, Swarm Exploder, and Umbral Terror.

(or name them whatever you want!)


All ready to deploy in .png format!  Resize them to fit your project!

The Cursed Kingdoms product line brings you a whole world of game assets made in collaboration by several creators! Check out the rest…

Cursed Kingdoms Music Pack by Joel Steudler

Cursed Kingdoms Monster Pack by Galefire RPG

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