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CUBE – Sci Fi Underworld City Pack

Download CUBE – Sci Fi Underworld City Pack FREE Unity. 

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About CUBE Series Science Fiction Underworld City Pack:

This pack contains a lot of assets for you to create your own Science Fiction themed game! The props and environment assets are low poly. Layout them easily and create your own game environment. You can also customize your character! Accessories and weapons are provided for customization.

– Fixed white wings glowing color
– Fixed weapons textures
– Added blue variation for all weapons.
– Adjusted glow value for weapons
– Modified Gun 02
– Adjust portal’s glow
– Added 10 helmets
– Added 7 goggles
– Added 40 guns

– Added 2 more Multi meshes costumes
– Unwrapped all Multi meshes costumes and included UV textures. You can now texture the Multi meshes costumes!
– Added DIY face texture. You can create any face texture for the character in v1.5
– Added new demo scene 02 to show case a different art style using the assets.
– Added Box 01 and Glowing Door

– Added 3rd person controller demo scene
– Added 2 eyes
– Added 2 multi meshes male and female. You can now customize more!
– Added 2 customized samples
– Fixed missing weapon materials
– Added 1 helmet

Why buy me? :

1) Customizable human characters. The set up is very easy. Just drag and drop. See tutorial image in the preview screen.
2) You can create your unique looking characters even though it’s a 3D stock models pack! Contact us if you need more customization.
3) Robots are included in the package. You can use them as enemies!
4) Many assets to create your own environment. They are stylized and low poly. Most of them are using the same material and texture. Optimized for your game!
5) Demo scene is included. See video. 6) Assets remain clear ( no pixelation) even when close up. Good for AR, VR apps.