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CTAA Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing PC & VR

Download CTAA Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing PC & VR FREE Unity. 

Introducing CTAA ‘ Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing ‘ Temporal SuperSampling for Unity 2017 and above for PC and VR (Unity 2018 READY!)

The premier next-generation VR READY cutting-edge temporal anti-aliasing solution

Works with forwarding & DEFERRED Render paths including WebGL 2.0

Today Unity Changes! With a single click, CTAA enables all Unity users to achieve next-generation off-line Cinematic Render Quality results in Real-Time! Reduce and eliminate Aliasing from Specular highlights and bright pixels especially when using post effects such as Bloom or Depth of Field including Aliasing on alpha tested edges. Being a temporal (Time based) process, new pixel data is gathered from past and extrapolated future frames for final re-construction based on velocity information. Performance is approximately equivalent to standard FXAA.

CTAA provides true next-gen Cinematic Quality temporally anti-aliased results which maintain and preserve clarity while in motion.

Achieve the Highest Quality now for all your PC & VR projects with our Highest Performant Temporal Anti-Aliasing solution to date on any engine period..

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