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Crux – Procedural AI Spawner

Download Crux – Procedural AI Spawner Free Unity. 

Crux supports all versions of Unity from version 5.2+ to Unity 2017+, as well as Unity 2018+.

Crux 2.0 is an upcoming free update for Crux featuring a redesigned editor, weather and time of day spawning (using UniStorm), mesh terrain support, improved API, and tons more.

Crux is a runtime procedural AI spawner capable of spawning AI dynamically across terrains according to customized biomes and conditions. Crux eliminates the hassle of having to place AI by hand as well as allowing AI encounters to be realistic and unique every time. Crux works with all types of Unity terrains whether they are procedurally generated, designed by hand, or endless. Crux performs well by despawning AI that are out of range of your player and only making efficient calculations once every spawn interval.
* Supports procedurally generated and endless Unity terrains
* Supports 3rd party terrain systems and shaders such as CTS, Gaia, Map Magic, and Distingo
* Supports any character controller system
* Supports any AI system that supports spawning
* Supports Emerald AI
* Supports Unity NavMesh
* Developed by the same developers as Emerald AI and UniStorm (UniStorm implementation planned for optional special conditions such as time of day, weather, and seasonal spawning)