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Cross Platform Native Plugins – Ultra Pack

Download Cross Platform Native Plugins – Ultra Pack FREE Unity. 

Cross-Platform Native Plugins a true cross-platform tool for Unity which provides a unique and unified way to access native functionality on mobile platforms.

The plugin supports mobile platforms iOS (v9.0 and above), Android (API 14 and above).

• Unified API design.
• Hassle-free installation.
• Simulates feature behaviour on Editor.
• Auto-generates Android Manifest file.
• Selective inclusion of feature files.
• Full source code is included.

Feature set:
• Address Book
• Billing (Apple store, Google Play Store) with Receipt Validation
• Cloud Services (iCloud, Saved Games)
• Game Services (Game Center, Google Play Services)
• Media Library (Images, Video, Youtube)
• Network Connectivity
• Notification System (Local and Push)
• Rate My App
• Sharing (FB, Twitter, Mail, Messaging, WhatsApp)
• Twitter SDK
• UI Dialogs (Alert, Prompt)
• WebView