Critter Pack

Download Critter Pack FREE Unity

This is a critter pack, small animals that are part of the environment. Spider, rat, snake, frog, turtle, snail, butterfly, dragonfly, and bumblebee (new additions: cockroach, worm, bat and squirrel). Most of them have extra textures, adding additional variety.

Larger animals have 4 animations (move, idle, idle2, die), while smaller animals just have a move animation. All animals are skinned meshes, and all require one draw call to draw (no multi-material or multiple meshes per animal). They are also very low poly (300-ish per larger critters, 10 per small), and don’t have many bones (around 10 per big animal, smaller are just 2-4). So altogether they don’t take many resources and a lot of them can be on the screen simultaneously.

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