Create an Idle Tycoon Game using Bolt & Unity – NO CODING!

Create an Idle Tycoon Game using Bolt & Unity – NO CODING! Free Download. 

Use the Powerful Visual Scripting Tool Bolt to Build a Fun Idle Tycoon Game in Unity – No Coding Required!
What you’ll learn

Understand the power and flexibility of Bolt & Unity in making Games without Coding
Utilize Design Patterns to Create Increasingly Complex Games
Prototype Games Quickly Using the Bolt Visual Programming Tool & Unity
Use Super Units to Organize Your Game Architecture


You must have Unity 3d & Bolt from the Unity Asset Store
A Basic Understanding of the Unity Editor and Development Concepts is Helpful
A Desire to make FUN Games without Writing any code


Welcome to the very first Bolt Course on Udemy!!!

I’m happy to release this course and look forward to your feedback. Even if you do not choose to purchase my course I strongly encourage you to give Bolt a try. It’s a great tool for beginning or experienced developers.

Why Use Bolt for Making Fun Video Games?

Developing Games can be very fun and rewarding once you know how. And with Unity & the Bolt Visual Programming asset it has never been easier to build full robust games without any programming.

I’ve been a business application & game developer for over 30 years. I honestly think Bolt is one of the best visual programming tools that I have worked with. In this course you too will quickly see the real power of Bolt as we almost effortlessly build a fun idle tycoon game like adVenture Capitalist. Even if you have never programmed before, this course will allow you to get started building the game in a matter of minutes.

Over the past 30 years I’ve developed games in a variety of platforms and languages. On Udemy alone I have successful game courses on Odoo, Python, C#, and PlayMaker. I really cannot say enough good things about Bolt.

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