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Create An Android Play To Earn Game In Unity

Connect your Unity games to the blockchain. Establish ETH/BNB and BEP-20 transactions with Metamask in Android/IOS

What you’ll learn
Creation simple 2D games in Unity connected to the Blockchain
Create transfers of ETH/BNB and custom ERC20 tokens from the game to users with Metamask
Creation and interaction of Solidity Smart Contract game with Unity
Implementation of Unity Ads to the game with reward system and publication in Play Store
Not much Unity or Solidity programming experience is required. But it is preferable to know how to use Remix, the Ethereum virtual machine and a simple knowledge of handling the Unity Editor. If you took my previous course Create your own NFT game, this course will be easy for you and will complete some topics that were missing in the previous course.
Really looking forward to venturing into the world of game programming in Unity connected with virtual wallets like Metamask
In this course, a continuation of the previous course Create your own NFT game from cero, we will see how to implement automatic ETH and BNB transactions, as well as create our own ERC-20 tokens and a Smart Contract to implement a reward system with them.We will create two simple games, a Clicker Game and a classic Snake Game to see how to use the different implementations of cryptocurrencies in our project.Finally we will implement advertisements in our games with Unity Ads, and the final publication in the Play Store.An advanced level of programming in Unity or Solidity is not required.The course focuses on learning the connections between the blockchain and our Unity projects.It is then left to the imagination of each student how to use this powerful tool for better games with better systems, and a such much better code.If you are already a Unity programmer, this course can help you learn the tool you may have been looking for to incorporate blockchain into your games!But if you are interested in cryptos, and games, but never programmed anything, this course can be a very good base for you if you take the time and practice with this Web3 implementation.


Section 1: Introduction/ Basic Metamask Interactions

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course and final design

Lecture 2 Installations and preparation

Lecture 3 Login with Metamask

Lecture 4 Send simple ETH/BNB transaction part I

Lecture 5 Send simple ETH/BNB transaction part II

Lecture 6 Clicker Game

Lecture 7 Scripts and Sprites

Section 2: Snake Crypto Game