You are currently viewing Create a Moody Atmospheric 2D game with Unity & C#

Create a Moody Atmospheric 2D game with Unity & C#

Understanding how physics and Rigidbodies work in Unity.

Understanding how variables and functions work in C#.

Adding a basic score system.

learning how to add buttons and making a full main menu.

and finally building and exporting your game to android.

And More You will discover in the course.

as well as you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of how things work in unity and understanding how to make an Artmospheric 2D game like what we’ll be making in this course.

NOTE: This course is NOT for who is advanced in unity game development, it will only waste your time.

Who this course is for
Anyone Wanting to learn Unity Game Development
Anyone Wanting to learn C#
Anyone wanting to make a game
Programmers that want to learn Game Development

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