You are currently viewing Create a Moody Atmospheric 2D game with Unity & C#

Create a Moody Atmospheric 2D game with Unity & C#

Learn how to create 2D games by making a Moody Atmospheric 2D Game with Unity and C#
What you’ll learn
Creating Games Using Unity
Creating Games With C# Programming Language and Unity
C# Fundamentals
Unity Fundamentals
Logical Thinking
Animating Characters In Games
Lighting in games
Sound effects for Video-Game Development
Learn basic game logic
Create Video Game Animations
Create basic physics for your characters

No programming Experience needed
No Game Development Experience needed
Have a working PC/MAC
Being Creative and Having Fun!
This course is designed to ensure that you learn the fundamentals of Unity and the C# scripting language it uses specifically we’ll be making a Dark/Atmospheric 2D game.

Things you’ll learn in this course

Learning how to Implement 2D Lighting to your game.

Learning How to Implement and use Unity’s Particle System to create some nice looking effects.

Programming a Player Controller that Double Jumps, Dashes, Wall Jumps and more!

Learning How to add Trails and to specify when to use it.

Adding Tiles using Unity’s Built-In Tile set Editor.

Adding a Pause Menu.

Using A smart camera (Cinemachine) to follow out player.

Basic Unity Animation and when to tell our game to start animating.