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Crazy Real Dog Race: Greyhound Dog Racing Game 64 Bit Source Code

There’s nothing more thrilling then crazy greyhound racing. Run your wild dog on the tracks and make him win animal crazy racing championship of 2018. Crazy real dog race and greyhound racing game is an animal and pet racing game of puppy dogs in which crazy real dog racing is going to take place in the world’s biggest dog race tournament. Satisfy your fever of racing dog and show your wield wisdom in this animals crazy racing games. Doggy race is much more exciting than lion vs cheetah racing in horse dog tournament. Enjoy the foot race of pet and animal in this cute dogs races game.
Racing of wild animal run on the tracks is very thrilling for doggy lovers, either it is crazy racing of lion or it is horse tournament. Lion racing vs greyhound racing dog or lion vs horse both are not as much fun as in running a dog on the tracks. Run your dog or pet in the beautiful dog derby in pet race game. If you have a little know how of breeds of racing dog than you can easily win this harness racing dod game. Come on guys! Wild Dog and puppy are waiting for you to make them run as fast as you can.
Supported Unity versions 2018.4
c# script
easy to reskin
all ads integration (unity,admob,applovin,heyzap)
watch videos features included
Game Features

– Beautiful dog running and pet animal animations
– Cute puppies and doggy run tracks
– Totally free greyhound racing crazy game with cute puppy dog
– Realistic physics and gravity and real world 3D racing game

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