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Crash Revenge 3D

Download Crash Revenge 3D Free Unity. 

Detailed car that can be used for mobile device.
Technical Details:

3 LOD’s:
-LOD0: 21894tris
-LOD1: 11779tris
-LOD2: 1305tris
-LOD0: 1208tris
-LOD1: 517tris
-LOD2: 36tris

Type textures:
-Albedo map
-Metallic\Smoothness map
-Normal map

– Compatible with Unity Vehicle, Edy’s and other systems
– Steering wheel
– PBR textures
– Rendered car shadow
– Collision
– 3 levels of LOD
– Very detailed interior
– Dashboard ready for animation
– All nodes, materials and textures are appropriately named
– Emissive texture for lights included
– Optimized geometry

If You want to drive this car, just import Vehicles rom Unity Standard Assets.