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Crafting Mecanim Animation Pack

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An extensive and comprehensive pack of 149 crafting animations, setup as a Mecanim golem, therefore, you’ll be able to simply swap in your own character in, with full five-finger hands to accommodate high detail models.

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The crafting actions within the pack embody blow, chopping, digging, fishing, sewing, eating/drinking, gathering, carrying, sitting, harvesting, climbing, pushing, pulling…with additional supplemental upon request. additionally includes low poly tool models.

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For a video showing a personality setup example, please watch HERE.


Some models with totally different proportions of joint orientations can have an issue holding a pair of handed weapons properly. to assist correct this, there’s AN enclosed IKHands.cs script and example video HERE.

Update v3.3: Update to Unity 2017.4.31f1.

Update v3.2: Fix issue with root motion not being properly set with sure actions. Fix cart unleash animation.

Update v3.1: Add spearfishing animations. Add Root Motion (RM) versions of translation animations back in.

Update v3.0: Add crawl animations and generic item use.

Update v2.9: Switch to physics-driven character movement. Add egg laying down and sleeping animation.

Update v2.8: Add requested diagonal Walk animations.

Update v2.7: Re-export all animations while not mesh information.

Crafting Mecanim Animation Pack Update v2.6: Add Cart animations, painting animations, movement and blow animations, chiselling animation, carrying animations, throwing animations.

Update v2.5: Add requested Praying and concern animations.

Update v2.4: Add requested Pickup Overhead walk.