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COOP Action Game Kit

Create an exciting Action Shooter with this complete Coop Action Game Kit! With support to UP TO 4 PLAYERS using GAMEPADS or up to 2 SHARING THE SAME KEYBOARD. It comes with a PROCEDURAL LEVEL GENERATOR for you to hit the ground running with INFINITE LEVELS to play with! Create different new weapons and new enemies by CHANGING VARIABLES in the inspector!

Webplayer DEMO
Downloadable Demos (Including APK) at the Support Thread!
DEMO SCENES AND MENU INCLUDED! (I’m using Bloom and Color Correction from PRO on the demo, but removed those on the actual package.)

While the kit is not designed for mobile, it can be adapted for it by creating optimized levels by hand while keeping a low drawcall count.
You can watch a video of me playing the Mobile Optimized Example Scene on my iPhone 5 by clicking here(Procedural Level Generator creates too many drawcalls so it’s not suitable for mobile.).
The kit doesn’t come with Mobile Controls implemented, but it has some code commented out and instructions on it’s documentation explaining how to implement it using a Free Asset from the Asset Store.

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