You are currently viewing Cooking star, fast food game template (portrait view)

Cooking star, fast food game template (portrait view)

Using “Cooking Star” asset helps you to quickly build your prototypes in cooking & time-management genre. It lets you add new missions, ingredients, products, customers and places within minutes.

Using “Cooking Star” asset allows you to fast prototype your similar cooking ideas, and can be used as a strong base for further development and experiments. It has all nuts and bolts to build a fully functional fast food & cooking game. It follows a simple gameplay mechanic. Customers come into your shop, they can order a main food and/or a drink. For both the order and the drink, you need to prepare the ingredients in time and deliver them to the customer before their patience runs out.

This asset comes with a fully interactive tutorial system that guide your players with all interactions inside the game. It also gives you the ability to add new missions, customers and products in no time!


Android APK | WebGL


– Complete game flow with menu, shop, coins, missions, tutorial, game, gameover, pause & result scenes.

– Works on all platforms at once (Android, iOS, WebGL, Windows & Mac)

– All C# classes are commented

– Interactive tutorial system.

– Supports multiple delivery plate system

– Supports unlimited number of customers, products and ingredients