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Conversations – Mocap Animation Pack

Download Conversations – Mocap Animation Pack FREE Unity. 

Conversations – Mocap Pack
28+ Character Conversation Animations – A variety of 3D character talking, chatting and communication animations.

View 3D Animations on Sketchfab:
Conversations Sketchfab

Watch Conversations Video:
Conversations: Demo Video

28+ MoCap Animations; A set of AAA game-ready animations for your character to have a variety of conversations, and integrates perfectly with the “MOBILITY: Mocap Packs”.
– All animations set as Humanoid, ready for use.
– INCLUDING: Low Key, Upbeat, Animated, Very Animated, Argument 1 and 2, Sad, Directions, Gestures to Side and Up, Big Idea and Listening.
– Fingers are animated expressively.
– Full length extended source animations with continuous variations, each over 60 sec.
– Looped versions, each approximately 30 sec.
– Directional animations have multiple looped versions, one for each direction.
– 12 basic Styles: Low Key, Upbeat, Animated, Very Animated, Argument 1, Argument 2, Sad, Directions Left/Right, Gesturing to Side Left/Right, Big Idea, Listening, Gesturing Up Left/Right/Center

– Pose matched to the included MOBILITY: Stand Relaxed Idle.
– New version has true Root Motion (moving reference root) as an option, as well as In-Place for all. 28 Animations x2.

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