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Control Freak 2 – Touch Input Made Easy

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Control Freak 2 is a top-ranking multi-platform input system that supports multi-touch, measuring instrument, keyboard, mouse and game controllers.
Make your game multi-platform while not touching one line of code! (In 99% of cases no code modification is needed).

Main options :

* Advanced bit system which will dead emulate ancient input sources (digital, analog, delta, scroll and even low-level touches).

On-screen controls are often composed out of button, joysticks, steering wheels, trackpads and super bit zones. State of bit controls is often guaranteed to virtual keys, named buttons and axes. Super bit Zone, the foremost advanced management form of the pack, allows you to bind each finger gesture possible – for instance, single-finger faucet will act as a right push click, swiping horizontally with 3 fingers will emulate mouse scroll wheel and two-finger twist gesture are often guaranteed to an analog axis that rotates the camera!

* straightforward API – there’s no got to learn new API or reconstruct your code to figure with event-based input system… acquainted Input-like static category can cause you to feel right reception.