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Connection Status

Connection Status is our go to solution for dealing with connectivity changes in our Apps. Create and manage Internet Status Targets and respond to their online/offline/reconnecting status updates.

Connection Status provides you with an easy-to-use window for managing online connections. You are able to respond to changes in connection to a specified address. A default target has been added to test whether you are ‘Online’ or ‘Offline’. New custom targets can be added.

The asset also provides you with additional tools to test your UI’s response to these changes. You can change the current status and trigger changes yourself to see how your UI responds.

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An InternetStatusManager class that provides you access to internet status targets.
An extensive editor window with the following features: create/delete targets, edit targets during edit mode, and edit targets during play mode providing you with the opportunity to override your current status to test your UI’s responsiveness.
Simplified API, quickly set up any class to listen to the status of your users’ internet and handle responses accordingly.
Optionally you can check more than a single target for the internet status.
A ping to Google is included by default, to keep accurate track of whether your user is able to access the internet during your game.
Tested and optimized for mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and web (WebGL).

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