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Components for HORROR FPS KIT

Looking to take your HFPS project to the next level?

Components has got you covered!

Designed from the ground up to be a complete extension for the HFPS system,

Components for Horror FPS Kit provides tons of useful systems that will take your project from zero to hero with ease!

In order to utilize Components you MUST OWN a copy of Horror FPS KIT!


What you get:

Action Bar
Complex Notifications
Components Save System
Screen Events
Simple Fade
Simple Widescreen
Sub Actions
30 Main Scripts
7 Helper Extensions (i.e Enemy Creator, Player Creator, Ragdoll Creator, Scenes Updater, Script Editor, Version Detect & Weapon Creator)
9 Utility Scripts
11 Demo Scenes
2 Breakable Models (Locker and Table)
Demo Animations, Sounds, Graphics, etc.


Dizzy Media Assets:

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