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Component Save System

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What is Component Save System?
A save game system that is developed to co-exist with the current component system of Unity. Making it very easy to save each unique GameObject seperately based on identifiers.

? Manual
? HTML5 Demo
? Free version of the plugin

✨ Another save game system for Unity? ✨
How this solution differs from others is that you only have to write a save implementation per component (script). Each GameObject has their components uniquely saved based on an ID that is assigned.

? How does it work in practice? ?
1. Add a component called “Saveable” to the root of a GameObject.
This automatically generates a unique ID for the GameObject.
2. The Saveable component automatically fetches all scripts that implement the
ISaveable interface. (Watch the video if you don’t understand how this works!)
3. Data gets saved to disk when game exits or when SaveMaster.WriteSaveToDisk() is called! You can turn the save on exit off, this automatically makes the saving based on “Save Points”. Data stays cached on scene changes but isn’t written to disk immediately.

? Features ?
– Source code included
– Easily save items you can drop on the floor
– Write a save implementation per-component, keeping your project modular
– Store primitive data (float, int, string) through a single command, such as SaveMaster.SetInt(id, value)
– Writing to Binary and SQLite (Beta), and converting between save types
– AES encryption of save files
– Automatic screenshot saving to metadata, easy to display in a loading screen
– Automatic saving and loading of last used scenes using the Save Last Used Scenes component.
– Game templates included: Sample Game & Main menu & Pause screen.
– Use scriptableobject instead of a string field to set ID’s
– Save data to a custom metadata file

? Compatibility ?
– Windows / Linux
– Android
– WebGL

Other platforms will most likely work, but more excessive testing
is required to fully confirm this.