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Combu 3

Download Combu 3 Free unity.

Combu is a full featured solution for the back-end of your game or app, in only 3 steps you will add online features using your web server and MySQL database.

– Server auto-updater in web administration – Multiple Apps on the same database (games-hub)
– Player registration, login and global/app-scope custom data (with or without activation code by email)
– Ban IP address or addresses range
– Player inventory storage (with custom data)
– Player files upload/download (i.e.: screenshots, settings, serialized XML/JSON, etc and share with other users)
– Friends/Ignore list management
– Customizable Leaderboards
– Customizable Achievements
– Private and public Messages between users
– News for in-game articles and release notes
– Management of Tournaments and Matches
– Shipped with an administration web app

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