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An Editor window tool to set up and preview the effects( SFX, VFX, SpeedScale, etc) on animation. It is used for game type that contains lots of effects based on animation, such as ACT.

CombatEditor is an Tool to manage the events based on the running animation clip such as particles, collider, motions, sfx . It have an editor window to easily add and remove the events, control the the start and the end time of these events, preview them in editor and run in playmode only with CombatController on the character. It just fetch the playable animations in the animator, doesn’t control the translation of animations, so you can implement your own animation translations.

If you have problems, you could join our discord to solve your problem, give feedbacks or…just discuss about ACT?

Compared to traditional animation event workflow, it has adventages as below:

1.A tight window to control all of the event on animation, you can easily manage configs on animations by group, add, remove, swap, and change the start and end time of event are super easy. You don’t have to use the default animation window which feels very hard to manage events.

2.Preview and visualize every type of event in scene mode, which makes it very convenient to control your particle and sfx in combat.

3.Join you project at very low cost. It doesn’t control the translation the animation, it just fetch the playable data in the animator. So you can use your own character control with combat controller. You have to modify something, such as the trigger of sfx and physics control, but this is very easy.