Combat Magic VFX Vol.1.3

Download Combat Magic VFX Vol.1.3 Free Unity

This pack includes missile, explosion, fire, shield, spikes, zone, buff, tornado and several other combat spells.

Types of effects: Fire, darkness, lightning, blood, frost and magic hexagrams.
52 stylized particle effects in total

– Optimized for mobiles and PC
– hi-res textures from 1024 to 2048 px (PNG)
– all particle correctly scales
– works with 2D and 3D

This asset is in alpha and will be discounted for 30% until further notice. Updates free for life.

Price 10$ on Unity Asset Store: Click to know more

Now download Combat Magic VFX Vol.1 FREE Unity.

Download For Free Server 1Download
Download For Free Server 2Download
Download For Free Server 3Download


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  1. giorno

    It’s the wrong asset package. The DL link is for a fighter pack. Not combat magic.

    1. mdazhar007

      Thank you for pointing out the issue. Now you can download it, we have resolved the issue.

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