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Color Studio

Download Color Studio FREE Unity. 

Color Studio is an editor extension that let you:
a) create appealing color palettes using a variety of tools integrated in an easy to use editor window,
b) create or edit textures and sprites right into the Editor using a powerful Pixel Painter window,
c) recolor game objects and sprites in editor and runtime.

With Color Studio you can leverage color theory to create procedural color combinations that look nice together.

Texture & Sprite Authoring
• Create or edit textures and sprites using an integrated Pixel Art Painter window.
• Includes different brushes, widths, and shapes.
• Advanced brushes like darken, lighten, vivid, dry, tone noise, gradient,…
• Rotate, displace, flip or resize the drawing canvas.
• Mirror drawing support.
• Seamless mode preview.
• Designed for productivity and ease of use, including full undo/redo support.

Palette Creation & Management Features:
• Automates color swatch generation based on different algorithms, shade, and hue count. Use the interactive color wheel to visualize your results in real time.
• Generate gradients and color combinations including complementary, triadic/square, accented analogously, etc.
• Can customize palette by adding/removing custom colors.
• Customize saturation, brightness, and overall color temperature.
• Load/save color palettes as ScriptableObject. Manage all palettes in your project from a single view.
• Generate C# code with color values as an array.
• Import ASE palettes (Adobe Swatch Exchange format).

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