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Coffee Auto Patcher System

Download Coffee Auto Patcher System FREE Unity. 

The Coffee Auto Patcher Patching System is designed to get updates of your game into your player’s hands automatically, with no interaction from the player.

NEW IN VERSION 1.0.19! New Fast File Checking method added with up to 1000x faster patcher and in-game file checks. Huge performance gains for those with larger projects.

NEW IN VERSION 1.0.13! Fully supports Unity 2018.x with new guides and setup to support the new UnityPlayer.dll setup to be used moving forward.

NEW IN VERSION 1.0.11! Fully supports borderless transparent windows on Windows Builds of the Patcher. FileListGenerator now generates a list of all files that need to be updated when updating files manually to somewhere other than Amazon S3.

NEW IN VERSION of Coffee Auto Patcher System! Fully Supports Windows Mac and Linux Builds as well as full support for an interactive Changelog and Launcher updates. Also created a full video setup guide along with the PDF guide to get it implemented into your project in under 10 minutes.

The Coffee Auto Patcher can be fully customized and personalized by you and works with any CDN or File Host but comes with additional features and setup guide for using Amazon S3.