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Clayxels is an interactive volumetric toolkit to sculpt models in the editor and in-game. It uses voxels to generate a lightweight point-cloud that can be changed in real-time and used in a whole bunch of different ways, all without any heavy pixel ray-marching. Works both in the editor and in-game, everything made with clayxels can be changed interactively at any time.

Works with all render pipelines, built-in, URP, HDRP.
Initial Mac Os X support: it means this package is functional on all recent macs, but you might find quirks and we’ll be there to support the platform.

Sculpt and animate your assets inside Unity and give your game a whole new set of interactive volumetric capabilities.
– you can sculpt and then animate assets directly in Unity without the need for complex mesh operations
– everything stays interactive, what you do in the editor works in game just as well
– fast level design iterations, clayxels can help you achieve complex architectural shapes in a matter of seconds
– export to FBX to move your clayxels models to any external package if you need so

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