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Civilian Warrior

Animated Character can be used like enemy FPS character in many game types.
Poly-count is 8150 polygons, 4 materials, separate weapon mesh with ammo sub-mesh to animate recharging.
Two versions; clean and bloody uniform!
There are 31 animation and 74 bones.
Tpose, Run Forward Aim, Run Forward Weapon, Crouch Forward Weapon, Crouch Forward Aim, Crouch Fire One Shot, Idle Crouch Aim, Standing Aim Idle, Standing Fire One Shot, Roll Forward, Mele 1 (with weapon), Mele 2 (with weapon), Jump Up, Jump Land, Crouch Left Aim, Crouch Right Aim, Crouch Left Weapon, Crouch Right Weapon, Crouch Backwad Aim, Crouch Backwad Weapo, Run Backward Aim, Run Backward Weapon, Run Left Aim, Run Right Aim, Mele 3 (fists), Granade Tos, Dead HeadShot, Dead 2, Reload, Ladder Up, Ladder down

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