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1.What AI implantation is this?

CIVIL-AI-SYSTEM is a unique spin a few different pre-existing AI solutions used in AAA games. The main focus is empowering anyone to make day-to-day AI behaviours which believably bring your worlds and scenes to life quickly.

2. Is this just GOAP?

No, it is not! We get this a lot, this system does share some similarities with it and does borrow some ideas but this is not true GOAP. This has its own ideas and processes along with other tooling to help you develop your worlds quickly (think auto population for example)

3. Does this cover combat?

CIVIL-AI-SYSTEM does not cover any form of combat and is not planned to, the idea of this product is to allow you to give your characters depth easily and effortlessly in the world. There are a ton of methods and products that do exist to cover combat on the Asset Store which this can be implanted with and should be no hassle due to the system being designed in a modular way. With a built in pause feature and an single point of entry for the logic of CIVIL-AI-SYSTEM to be called you can easily enable and disable it at runtime with ease.

4. Can I have custom animations?

Yes, it fully supports actions having their own animations! How it works is each lowest level condition can be provided a reference to an Animation Clip and this will be played for as long as the action is being performed. This is done by the Animation Controller having a ‘Dynamic’ field which is overwritten.

5. What Support can I expect while using the product?

There is an active discord and email support for this product, I’m UK based (GMT) so there might be some delays in getting back to you depending on time. Most problems and questions are responded to within a few hours.

6. Is this package finished or can I except updates?

This product is in active development and is planned to offer more than what is currently for no extra fee. No code breaking changes are planned and if are needed will be documented on how to upgrade and retain as much information as possible and will only be done as a last resort. With updates there is a Release Candidate Process which involves manual testing as well as automated testing to provide the best quality possible.

7. Can I have NPC pick up items?

Yes, you can! There is already an item system included, items can be set to be in use, can be picked up (placed on the NPC on a chosen transform), spawned in, replaced and interacting with one item can enable another with more to come.

8.Can I easily add/change other systems to this?

This is a definite yes! Tons of people have already used this tool with many different systems, from navigation to other AI solutions! Everything should be easy to connect up as CIVIL-AI-SYSTEM is designed with modern principles such as single responsibility meaning systems are owned by one system making the change simple!


This package does not include any animations, models or textures/materials except from some basic Unity Starter Projects ones, these are used under the Unity Companion License ( It does include an animation controller and is setup ready for animations to be plugged in. 3D models which are not included but used in marketing are for demonstrational purposes and used to give a sense of how the tool works. These packages are ‘POLYGON Pirates – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty’ and ‘Victorian Interior by

MetalMan3D’ but these are not included in this package however are assets owned by The Bard’s Tree brought through the Asset Store.

In regards to Pipelines this package will work with all but the Demo Scenes are only setup for URP.

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store:

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