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Created to make complex behavior for NPCS as frictionless as possible which allows for quick iteration. With an easy and deep system, anyone can develop complex behaviors with no coding needed

CIVIL-AI-SYSTEM is a tool designed to make adding complex behaviour for AI entities as frictionless as possible and allowing for quick iteration improving development speed. This system was designed for RPG and city building settings but could be used in a host of other settings. With an easy to learn but in-depth Job System, any user will be able to develop complex behaviours quickly and breathe life into your scenes.

Design your AI flows as you would break down a role in real life

Create your NPCs flows using similar terminology as you would in real life. Unlike traditional finite state machines where you are translating the actions into a technical setup, with the CIVIL-AI-SYSTEM sections have already been broken down into easy to understand and logical groups which are used to build the complex behaviours giving less headaches and confusions to developers and allowing for the focus to be on building the behaviours and not setting up systems to achieve this.

No Need to Know how to Code

Simply add the product to your project and use the built in menus and flowchart editor to design and create your behaviours. Everything needed to make complex behaviours can be achieved with drag and drop. Any problems, reach out on Discord or check out the Wiki for help.

Bring life into your Game Worlds

Quickly and effortlessly bring movement and dynamism into your worlds with an easy to setup system with layers of depth. Create complex bustling Ports or even a Hermit up in the mountains, this system can cover all civil manners. No need to work out how many people would be a realsitic amount, CIVIL-AI-SYSTEM popluates the world based on places to live and jobs that exist meaning the amount of people lines up with the world space.

Speed and Iteration

Remove the pain of hand writing unique behaviours for you NPC’s. Use the built in Node Editor to quickly map out and design your behaviours and watch them fold out in real time with ease in the editor.

Depth of Actions

The system is designed to cover as many cases as possible in creating behaviours for civil settings, being that shop keepers, trading caverns or builders. All can be made with this straight forward system.

Designed with Additions in Mind

Developed with the idea of allowing for growth of the product both from an official and personal capacity. The system allows for easy defined edges of systems making it easy to understand what each component is responsible for what and how to add in more bespoke behaviours. The Wiki also has the addition of step-by-step guides for switching out sections of the system.

Robustness and Support

Implemented with modern practices and with the main goal of providing ease of use and reliability to your project’s developments. Automated testing to make sure functionality works and will always work as intended with each release. Professional support and feature request channels, giving you access and visibility of changes which are coming and support issues that are being worked on. Graceful failing with logging has also been implemented meaning if something goes wrong, you’ll have a refence to which NPC had the issue, along with what section failed.

Possible Use Cases:

RPG Game Worlds
City Builders


Easy to setup (Automatic setup buttons)
Quick to pick up Designer with lots of depth
Fast iteration and design of day-to-day tasks
Style your NPC’s based on Jobs and Regions
Increase performance by using regions to group NPC’s
Documentation linked throughout the Developer tools within Unity itself
Basic Animation System Setup and ready to go
Mounting System included for allowing use of transportation (Supports waiting for others)
Quiet failing designed (Errors will be logged in the console but will keep running)
Pause Feature allows for the easy addition of Dialogue Systems
Deep Control over flow system with a powerful Iterator System with a range of modes
Need System which allows for defining importance and how to fufil them
Powerful Ownership System which facilates more complex behaviours
Weighting System giving more fine control over behaviours
Room System allowing for more belivable and resuable spaces
Item Iteractor System allowing for condtional situations
Prepopulate your world in the editor automatically with a click of a button


An updated and supported Wiki
Monitored Support and Feature Request Channels
Discord Channel for news, info and help
Example Scenes with more to come
Numrous training videos
Automation of Setup of Scenes
Documented methods for changing out systems for your own (Navigation, interactions etc.)
Automated tests coverage to give peace of mind with updates
Feedback taken on board and used to help shape features