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CityGen3D – Procedural Unity Scenes From Real World Map Data

With CityGen3D you can have terrain, roads and buildings all generated for you based on real world data from OpenStreetMap!
Select your location from anywhere in the world and let CityGen3D do all the work without any coding required, all from within the Unity Editor.

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All prefabs and materials shown in screenshots on this page are included in the package, so you can easily recreate the demo environments. But the tool is also fully customizable allowing you to use your own materials and models suitable for your particular project and art style.

CityGen3D also works as a great level design tool. Modify a real world map, or even create your own 2D map from scratch, before letting CityGen3D build your 3D scene for you from rules defined by you.

CityGen3D can build very large multi-terrain environments and has built-in support for terrain streaming, which asynchronously loads in pre-generated scenes around the camera at run-time.

Prototype your new game idea fast with CityGen3D and build a scene in under ten minutes. Maybe you want to create a driving game where you race in different locations around the world? Or maybe create an alien invasion game in your home town? There are endless possibilities and it’s all accessible via the easy to use interface.

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