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City & Terrace Pack

“City & Terrace Pack” main features:

•part of the “Hazelwoodloft” series.
•a photo-real & modern city.
•highly optimized lowpoly & realistic assets.
•ready for Oculus, GearVR, Vive, Daydream.
•ready for low & high-end mobile devices.
•inspired by modern architecture & design.
•36 different skyscrapers & buildings.
•each one of them has 3 variants.
•100 structures in all.
•lined up they cover a distance of 7Km.
•a set of building rooftop structures.
•a photo-real & modern terrace.
•a set of terrace furniture & items.
•remarkable attention to lighting & detail.
•two different settings, day & night time.

“City & Terrace Pack” content:

•the whole pack is below 86 000 triangles.

•25 different assets for the terrace.

•24 different textures and cubemaps.

•very modular models, could be combined
together in a lot of different ways.

•highly optimized assets running smoothly
at 30 FPS even on low-end mobile devices.

•2 different sets of day & night lightmaps.

•high quality skyboxes painted by a
professional matte painter.

•4K Skyboxes resolutions inside Unity 8192×4096
pixels which is the max resolution.

•8K original PSD source file including all skybox layers
for maximum control & customization 16384 x 8192 pixels.

•day layers: sky, clouds, smog, fog, sun spot,
sun halo, city & mountains.

•night layers: sky, clouds, moon, stars, fog,
city & mountains, city lights, city glow.

•2 example scenes, one for day time
& one for night time.

•a realistic animated flock of birds that flies
seamlessly through the city.

•a photoreal & dynamic sun flare.

• city pack includes 36 different models
of modern buildings & skyscrapers.

•each one of them has 3 variants for a
total of 100 different structures.

•highly optimized low-poly & realistic
urban buildings & skyscrapers.

•lined up they cover a distance of 7Km.

•a set of building roof top structures.