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City Building Perfect Kit

Download City Building Perfect Kit FREE Unity

This is City Building Perfect Kit (CBPK)
Use CBPK to create city building games like many popular titles on the mobile market, or any kind of new and original city or town-building game.

– All source code included (c#)
– Unity 4.6x, 5.0x support
– uGui only (no other asset required)
– A-star pathfinding included
– Mobile friendly

Features Detail
– 3D city building framework
– Tile grid ( with a grid to snap functionality)
– 9 type of building with specialized functions
(Town Hall, Hut, Wall, Gold Mine, Gold Storage, Elixir Extractor, Elixir Storage, Barrack, Army Camp)
– Produce resources by realtime
– Collect resources by clicking resource building
– Build various buildings with collected resources
– Each building creation has limitation by user-level & town hall level
– Building upgrade in realtime
– uGui base game UI
(building info dialogue, upgrade dialogue, command dialogue, shop, option, message box, training dialog..)
– Buy gems
– Use gem to finish the work instantly
– Get exp and level up
– A-star pathfinding included
(worker unit use star pathfinding to move along the map, and to find working buildings)
– Wall building
– Battle functionality not included.

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