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City Adventure

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City Adventure no doubt is one of the best intuitive build-it-yourself quality asset pack containing all parts necessary to form high-quality standard town-related games. All that packed into one easy-to-use package that comes with example scenes, plugins & prefabs. good for mobile!

What’s inside:
▲ over a hundred and sixty distinctive objects ▲ twelve custom maps
▲ 20+ example scenes ▲ Color Suite Plugin
▲ numerous environments & building types: flying field, train station, housing areas, garden homes, factories, downtown space, warehouses, banks, hotels, cafes, garages, gas stations, motels, living accommodations buildings, post offices, tax offices, pharmacies, ten differing types of retailers, skyscrapers, stadiums, tram stations
▲ several vehicle types: motorbikes, bikes, buses, trucks, vans, trams, numerous cars – such as sedans, pickups, route bypass, industrial space etc.
▲ easy vehicle traffic Simulation Plugin
▲ fast Tutorial within

Using City Adventure you’ll produce such games as e.g. city-building games, endless auto racing & plane games, construction & strategy simulation, traffic simulation victimization bikes, motorbikes & planes or parking simulators.

▲ crafted victimization grid system & standard workflow
▲ permits to quickly produce smart trying town environments
▲ constant updates and new options
▲ active development & support
▲ simple to use for beginners and professionals
▲ clean & distinctive fashionable vogue

Technical aspects:
▲ optimized and polished prefabed models
▲ prebaked textures
▲ correct proportions
▲ triangles count ranging from 20-2000 triangles
▲ every model ultraviolet light mapped
▲ separated vehicles components for steering