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Cinematic URP Post-Processing – CUPP

Cinematic URP Post-Processing is designed from the ground-up to achieve beautiful, fast, AAA-quality post-processing for games built with Unity using the Universal Render Pipeline. Currently supporting, over 20 cinematic effects

Unlike other post-processing assets, Cinematic URP Post-Processing is optimized specifically for the Universal Render Pipeline resulting in improved performance compared to equivalent effects ported from older rendering pipelines.

-Long Exposure (Motion Blur)
-Color Temperature
-Color Tint
-Exposure Compensation
-Color Vibrance
-LAB Chromacity
-Sloped Brightness
-Shadows, Midtones & Highlights (SMH) Adjustment
-Dual Color Correction LUTs
-HDR Bloom (With Stability Buffer)
-Lens Fringing
-Barrel Distortion
-Petzval Distortion
-Chromatic Aberrations
-Filmic Noise
-TV Noise Animation
-Gamma Adjustment
-Depth of Field with GPU-Autofocus
-Double-pass Sharpen
-Directional Localized Anti-Aliasing (DLAA)
-Screen-Space Atmospheric Scattering (Sunshafts)
-Full-screen Gaussian Blur

Update 4.3 – Now with CUPP. Long Exposure – a modern motion blur effect, designed to replicate motion blur seen on modern digital cameras, with full automatic support for Unity’s built-in motion vectors!

Update 4.1 – now with over 120 included LUTs, ultra-fast Sunshafts and an ISO-Noise system, CUPP’s latest update brings a wealth of usability and feature updates to hundreds of users.