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Slate Cinematic Sequencer

• Utilise a variety of action clips included for animating lighting, time, fog, particles, 2D sprites, facial expressions, head look-at, IK, subtitles, image overlays, pathfinding and much more with full scrub control and realtime editor feedback.

• Work with Virtual Actor References and prefab actor instances automatically and without a hassle.

• Reuse made Cutscenes by animating actor properties and clip parameters in local Cutscene Space.

• Utilise the new Alembic Track, importing alembic files and for creating high-end Unity cinematics.

• Render to PNG, EXR or MP4 files along with Render Elements in an editor or runtime.

• Organise and re-organise cutscenes with Time Sections, or use SubCutscenes similar to After Effects compositions.

• Play cutscenes in any way possible. Once, Loop, Ping Pong, forwards, backwards, a specific section, or any combination within these words.

• Extend and create custom action clips with ease, using a clean and well-documented API.

• Publish to all platforms.
• Full Source Code Included.
• VR Supported.
• And much more…

Available Integrations:
• NodeCanvas.
• FlowCanvas.
• Dialogue System for Unity.
• Adventure Creator.
• Playmaker.
• Spine. (Realtime Preview)
• LipSync. (Realtime Preview)
• FinalIK. (Realtime Preview)
• CaronteFX. (Realtime Preview)
• Alembic Importer. (Realtime Preview)
• Post Processing Stack. (Realtime Preview)
• More to come…

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  1. Kevin

    The link does not work, unfortunately..

    Can you please fix it?


    1. mdazhar007

      Thanks for the feedback we will upload to another network soon…

  2. Kevin

    Okay, thank you for updating!

    But this version (and the Cinema Director), uses obsolete API’s..

    I’m not able to get them working, sadly..

    1. mdazhar007

      We are trying to update all the assets sooner, Hope fully it will also get updated…

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