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Cinema Mocap 2 – Markerless Motion Capture

Cinema Mocap 2 is a Markerless Motion Capture solution for Unity. Grab your Microsoft Kinect® or Kinect® 2 and start creating your own custom animations! Animations created with Cinema Mocap 2 are fully compatible with Mecanim and can be applied to any humanoid avatar within your current project. (Kinect® 2 NOT supported in Unity 4.x free edition)

Quick and simple motion capture inside of Unity.

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– Now Supports either Kinect® v1 for Xbox360 and PC or Kinect® 2 for XboxOne and PC.
– Record a mocap session without leaving your Unity Project.
– Recorded animations are compatible with Unity’s Mecanim animation system.
– Apply captured animations to any other humanoid model.
– Ability to save RAW data session for editing and review
– Body masking
– Custom Filtering and Smoothing
– Automatically builds an Animation library within your project.
– Preview yourself as a live model right inside your current Unity scene.
– Exports compatible for editing with Maya and Blender.

It fully supports Unity 5, 2017 and 2018 for Windows (Kinect® 2 NOT supported in Unity 4.x free edition). MUST be running Windows 8/8.1/10 with a USB 3.0 connection for Kinect 2 support. Mac running Bootcamp and Unity for Windows will run Cinema Mocap 2. Requires installation of Microsoft Kinect SDK version 1.7 or above.