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Cinema Face Cap – Facial Capture for Unity

Download Cinema Face Cap – Facial Capture for Unity FREE Unity. 

The ONLY facial capture package for Unity using Kinect® 2.0!

Cinema Face Cap is a markerless facial capture software solution for Unity 5.x, 2017 and 2018. Dust off your Microsoft Kinect® 2.0 and start creating your own custom facial animations. You can even configure your own models to the system using our advanced Output Wizard! Make your character talk, look around, blink, laugh, frown, and much more!

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Uses Kinect 2.0 for Xbox One and PC ONLY (Kinect v1.0 not supported)

Main Features:
– Supports capture of 20 facial blend shapes. – Record a facial capture session without ever leaving your Unity Project.
– Live Model preview right inside your current Unity scene using your own models.
– Facial masking. Record only the parts you need
– Captures both facial animations units as well as head orientation (turning, looking, etc.)
– Custom Filtering and Smoothing to fine-tune your capture.
– Configure your own blendshape mapping with your own models for Cinema Face Cap using our Output Wizard.
– Save animations for use with your own models.
– Automatically builds an Animation library within your project.
– Save and review raw data sessions