Character Pack: Common People

Download Character Pack: Common People FREE Unity. 

In short
– 8 characters with over 290 animations and poses
– Characters are mecanim human compatible
– Versatile movement and interaction animator controller
– Custom Supercyan toon shader (cool!)
– Low poly models for optimized performance
– Two textures per character + source files
– Drag ‘n drop prefabs with a test scene

In detail
Character pack of common people made in a colorful, fun style. Contains 4 female and 4 male fully textured, rigged and animated low poly character models – all mecanim humanoid compatible.

Pack includes over 290 high quality animations or poses that are updated to this pack for free through years of development! These animations include 8 direction walk, run, crouch and prone movements with transitions, gesture animations, item interactions, item holdings, weapon aim and attack animations, taking hit, stunned and dying animations. And not to forget zombie movements and attacks! You can view full animation list here on our website.

Pack also contains an animator controller (state machine) and a simple movement, wielding and aiming scripts. Prefabs of each character are ready to go, just drag ‘n drop!

Technical details
FBX version is 2011 but older versions can be provided on request.

Polycount ranges from 1600 to 2000. Rig contains 28 bones, each character skinned with four bones per vertex for optimized performance plus two dummy objects used in hands for item holding. Low poly and mobile friendly.

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