Character Movement Fundamentals

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Character Movement Fundamentals is a rigid body-based character development framework.

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Set forth plainly, it is an assortment of well-documented scripts, segments and prefabs that will help you immediately set up characters that can move around and respond to any 3D game condition in a truly convincing manner.

Everything right now intended to be as flexible and versatile as could be expected under the circumstances – regardless of whether you’re making a quick-paced first-individual shooter, an environmental third-individual experience game or a 2.5D sidescroller, this bundle will give all the vital essentials you need.


– inside and out client manual.

– Fully archived source code.

– Versatile, exceptionally adjustable character controller framework.

The included Character Movement Fundamentals can deal with a wide range of landscape, easily strolls here and there inclines and stairs without losing ground contact and can even slide down slants that are excessively steep.

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